England - George II reigned 1727-1760

Pair of pier mirrors carved and gilded woods, glass, metal about 1735

These mirrors show the strong influence of the neo-classical architect

William Kent 1685-1747 on the decorative arts of the period


Exhibit: Augustus Saint-Gaudens

American 1848-1909


Portrait Bust of Edwin Wallace Stoughton


Exhibit: Augustus Saint-Gaudens

American 1848-1909


Relief of Samuel Nelson, American Jurist,Marble


Painting: Federico Gaetano Villa

Italian Active in Milan in the 19th Century


Portrait of a woman ,Marble 1875


Exhibit G: Corinthian Pottery

Athenian Black - Figure Pottery


Painting: Edward Burne Jones

English 1833-1898

Active throughout Britian


"Les Femmes Chasseresses" (The Sirens)

oil on canvas 1870


Exhibit H: Athenian White Ground Pottery

Athenian Red Figure Pottery


Painting: Savely Sorine

Russian, 1878-1953, active in Paris and New York

Portrait of John Ringling

Watercolor on paper, 1927


Exhibit: Apulia (Italy) 4th Century B.C.

Column Krater ,Terracotta


Exhibit: Augustus Saint Gaudens, American 1848-1907

Relief of E.W. Stoughton, American Ambassador to Russia

1818-1882 - Marble


Exhibit: Figural vase painting, red-figure tradition, Greek colonies

South of Italy


Exhibit F: Hellenistic and Roman ceramics


Exhibit D: Cyprus in the Hellenestic and Roman periods. Terracotta votive statues and statuettes.


Exhibit C: Cypro-Archaic and Cypro-Classical Periods


Exhibit B: Late Cypriot and Geometric


Exhibit A: Early and Middle Cypriot Periods