Dutch Language

First a few points on some Dutch language rules. Let's do a test. Read out loud "George W. Bush jr." You said: george w bush junior. You automatically pronouced jr in full. It's the same in Dutch, as well as a few other abreviations e.g. Jan Davidsz de Heem. It means and is pronounced as "Jan David's zoon de Heem" (the son of David de Heem). Therefore, each time when you see ...sz behind a middle name you pronounce it [middle name]'s zoon.

The names below have been listed alphabetically, in American fashion. If you saw these names in a Dutch phone book, you would not find the words: de, van, van den, van der, ten alphabetically, but listed as Vliet, van der. Hendrick C.

How to pronouce the Dutch words

Click on a name to hear the pronunciation, but probably the best way to listen to all the names is first to "tick" the "continuous" box on the bottom of the player, and then to click on the top name.

You may also use the "pause", previous" and "next" buttons.

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Don't forget to listen to the last entry. A great Dutch chanson.