Installation of the main tapestries.
A two story arrangement.

In the reconstruction proposed for the two-story arrangement of the tapestries, The Four Evangelists was undoubtedly positioned over The Defenders of the Eucharists.

Pagan Sacrifices hung directly above Sacrifice of the Old Covenant. The two scenes not only form a consistent perspective and lighting system but also reveal dimensional, compositional and iconographic correspondence. Both scenes depict sacrifices (one pagan, the other Jewish), and the two altars as well as the columns of the temple porticoes are aligned.

Although not all the tapestries have a logical mate, another pairs reveal architectural as well as compositional and thematic parallels: the Victory of the Eucharistic Truth over Heresy probably appeared above The Triumph of Faith.

The spiraling Solomonic columns refer to the columns that were brought from the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem to St. Peter's in Rome, and thus allude to the new Christian Church, the most famous contemporary instance of the columns' use as symbols of the Church was, of course, Bernini's Crossing in St. Peter's.

By covering the walls of the church in the Descalzas Reales with both the hangings and columns of the old temple, Rubens conceptually and illusionistically recovered the ancient, long since destroyed Holy of Holies, but transformed it into the new Christian Church. 8

The above "tapestries" images were designed in PhotoShop to illustrate the story.