Six flagpoles are located along the historic Cą d’Zan road from the Tibbals Learning Center to the Circus Museum.
• What is their significance?
• How high are they?
• How high were the poles of the big top?


What is the significance of the flagpoles?
The six towering flagpoles that stand between the Tibbals Learning Center and the Circus Museum represent the center pole layout for the largest canvas big tops used by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey combined shows. Just like the big top, the poles are spaced 60-feet apart, which allowed for the placement of a 42 foot diameter circus ring or 32 foot square stage between each pair.

How high are they?
Due to airport restrictions, the flagpoles are only 50 feet tall.

How high were the poles of the big top?
The largest, the center poles, reached 62 feet into the sky, measured ten inches in diameter and required dozens of men to lift a single one. The poles were anchored to the ground, secured against winds around its periphery by hundreds of ropes and fivefoot long wooden stakes.

Source: Ringling Museum Volunteer e-News June & July 2006