Meet the Olycan Family

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Pieter Olycan came from a rich Haarlem family, which owned breweries.
Pieter married Maritge Voogt, who came from a rich brewers family herself. In 1630 Pieter became burgomaster of Haarlem for 7 years. He represented Haarlem in the "Staten Generaal" (Dutch Congress) in The Hague. Pieter reached the age of 86 and outlived his wife and children.

The Olycan family crest is shown below. It shows an olycan (oilcan -think tropical oils from the East Indies-) and an ostrich; the name of his brewery ("Vogel Struys"). The wedding with Maritge brought another brewery: The Horse Shoe ("Het Hoeffysser" ); shown in the ostridge's beak in the later crest.

Crest in St. Bavo Church

Crest on painting
Added later

1630. Painted by Hendrick Gerritz Pot
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Pieter Olycan. Painted 1629.
Was originally 3/4 length
Private Collection. Hangs in Hals Museum.
Recently reattributed to Hals (only by some)

Pieter Olycan 1572-1658
Painted 1639 by Hals. 111 x 87 cm
Ringling Museum

Maritge Claesdr Vooght, wife of Pieter Olycan 1577- 1644
Painted by Hals in 1639. 128 x 95 cm
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam


Maritge's sister
Cornelia Cleasdr. Vooght.
Painted by Hals in1631. 127 x 101 cm
Wife of Nicholaes van der Meer

Jacob Pietersz Olycan 1596  - 1640
Painted by Hals in 1625. 125 x 97 cm
Mauritshuis The Hague


Jacob's wife, Alette Hanemans 1606 - 1658
Painted by Hals in 1625. 125 x 98 cm
Mauritshuis The Hague


Maria's grave stone in St. Bavo church Haarlem
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Maria Pietersdr. Olycan, wife of Andries van der Horn
Painted 1638. 86 x 67 cm
Museum of Art S o Paolo

Andries van der Horn.
Painted 1638. 86 x 67 cm. Museum of Art S o Paolo
He was an important member of the Haarlem society, his portrait can be found also in the group portraits of the St George Civic Guard Company (c. 1639).
See one here and here. Don't ask me who is who.