SN 1513, reverse painting on glass

After a design by Marco da Ravenna
[Called Marco Dente] Italian, born? d. 1527

From "The Pages"

Marco Dente [da Ravenna] was active in Rome during the early 16th c. He studied with Marcantonio da Raimondi & was strongly influenced by his style. He often collaborated with Agostino Veneziano, another student who also had influence on Dente’s work.

Dente was evidently born in Ravenna, altho’ his birth date isn’t documented. His earliest signed & dated print
is inscribed 151, suggesting that he was active from c1510 & was probably born in the late 15th c. He was killed in the Sack of Rome in 1527.

He produced over 60 reproductive engravings, primarily after works of Raphael & his circle, & after the Antique. He engraved several copies after Marcantonio prints that were based on Raphael designs. Others may derive directly from Raphael drawings. Occasionally he made engravings after other artists. Only 1 print includes an inscription with his full name, Marcus Ravenas, rather than a monogram; that is his engraving after the Laoko n [sic] B.353, which shows the antique statue before its restoration.

The Virgin bows modestly as Archangel Gabriel rushes into Mary’s chamber to bring her the news that she will bear a son: the Son of God. In the left corner, God himself appears in a burst of clouds, raising his arm in blessing.

This is a verre glomis – a reverse painting on glass. The technique is similar to that of engraving, so many compositions can be traced directly to prints which were circulated widely in the early 16th c. The Annunciation is based on a print by a pupil/assistant of the engraver Marcantonio Raimondi (c. 1480-1534, called Marco Dente da Ravenna (active c. 1 510-1527).