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Attributed to Jacob Duck
Dutch, c, 1600 -1667

SN 734, oil on panel


Jacob Duck was born in Utrecht, and historians have long confused him with Jan le Ducq (1629-30,1676). In 1621 he was listed as an apprentice portrait painter in the records of the Utrecht guild of St Luke. His teacher was probably Joost Cornelisz Droochsloot (1586-1666). By 1630-32 he was a master in the guild. d was buried at the monastery of St Mary Magdalene.

He painted guardroom scenes as well as merry companies and domestic activities, employing motifs symbolic of domestic virtue.

By about 1656 he was living in The Hague. He died in Utrecht and was buried at the monastery of St Mary Magdalene.


Three men and two women are seated at a gaming table. The man in the center is smoking a long clay pipe, and looking over his left shoulder at a woman working on a large fabric piece, perhaps a banner. In the background are several more animated figures. The background is fairly simple and dark.


Such guardroom scenes were Duck’s specialty – however, it has been suggested that this painting may be by a contemporary – e.g., Sysbrand van Beest.

Duck placed his figures in high, bare interiors in which the deep local colors of the foreground stand out well.